GableGotwals Litigation Attorneys Author the Third Edition of Oklahoma Civil Procedure Forms and Practice in LexisNexis/Mathew Bender

June 24, 2024 | GableGotwals was recently tasked with updating the Second Edition of Oklahoma Civil Procedure Forms and Practice published by LexisNexis/Matthew Bender. The Third Edition significantly reorganizes and updates the Second Edition and includes several, brand-new sections and more than 600 forms. Clients and friends of the firm can receive a 20% discount when using promo code: OKCIV20.

The Third Edition of Oklahoma Civil Procedure-Forms and Practice is much more than an annual supplement. With new authorship, the Third Edition contains a significant reorganization of the subject matter, beginning with client acquisition and continuing through the appeal process. Chapter topics include pre-litigation considerations, motion practice, discovery, settlements, trials, and appeals.

The publication, which has been a staple of the legal community since 1987, is the go-to resource for lawyers and judges engaged in Oklahoma civil litigation.

The dedicated GableGotwals team members who served as both editors and authors include Shareholders Philip D. Hixon, Sidney Dunagan, and Amy M. Stipe. Contributing authors include E. Talitha Ebrite, Craig A. Fitzgerald, Amelia A. Fogleman, Robert J. Getchell, Justin A. Lollman, Brooks A. Richardson, Rob F. Robertson, Leasa M. Stewart, Jay P. Walters, David P. Limekiller, Emily R. Collins, Gerard M. D’Emilio, David R. Herber, Scott Kiplinger, and Ashlyn M. Smith.

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