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GableGotwals is different from other firms our size. We place a significant importance on our ability to attract and retain talented lawyers. For each lawyer that we hire, our goal is to provide a work environment that supports that lawyer’s personal and professional goals. At a time when employees typically only stay with an employer for a few years before looking for another opportunity, we strive to provide an atmosphere where a lawyer can begin and end his/her entire legal career with us. Here are a few examples of how we further that goal, which distinguishes us from other law firms our size:

Regular Performance Reviews.  We want our lawyers, especially our associates, to receive timely feedback on their performance and career progression.  While feedback regularly occurs on an informal basis between lawyers as work is performed, we also structure formal annual reviews for each associate. We believe these annual reviews provide valuable and constructive feedback to our associates and ensure that they have a clear view of the Firm’s perception of their performance.

Focused Professional Development.  We have appointed a Director of Professional Development that works together with a standing committee to focus on professional development for our associates. Through this work, our associates receive timely training to develop skills that will assist them in becoming exceptional lawyers.

Mentoring.  Each of our associates is paired with a shareholder who serves as a mentor to further assist in the associate’s professional and personal development. Our mentors receive frequent feedback from our Director of Professional Development to assist with their efforts.

Leadership Opportunities.  Our Firm maintains a standing committee, comprised of senior associates and junior shareholders, that focuses on long-range planning efforts for our firm.  This committee reports directly to our Board of Directors on strategic initiatives to ensure that our firm is well-positioned to maintain our status as a preeminent regional law firm for decades to come.  By allowing younger lawyers to participate in leadership initiatives at our firm, we develop in them the skills necessary to lead our firm in the future.

Competitive Compensation.  In order to attract and retain talented lawyers, we regularly provide our lawyers with compensation that is in line with or above the most competitive compensation in the Oklahoma legal market.

Pay-for-performance.  Unlike many other large law firms, our firm’s compensation structure is not based on a “top down” model, where senior lawyers absorb a disproportionate amount of firm revenues.  Instead, our compensation is based on a pay-for-performance model, where talented lawyers are compensated commensurate with their contributions to the performance of our firm.  We believe this model best incentivizes our lawyers to become productive members of our firm.

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