False Claims Act

Enforcement actions under the U.S. False Claims Act (FSA) continue to increase. The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently released a report highlighting a substantial rise in total of number of cases brought by both the government and qui tam relators. In recent years, settlements and judgments under the FCA exceeded $2.2 billion and the government posted its second-highest number of settlements and judgments in a single year, with most of the enforcement activity aimed at the healthcare industry and in cyber fraud. This data demonstrates a consistently upward trend of government enforcement.

GableGotwals represents companies and individuals in complex investigations and high-stakes fraud matters alleging violations of the False Claims Act, Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS), and other claims brought by the U.S. federal government and/or qui tam whistleblowers.

Experienced Attorneys
The diverse backgrounds of attorneys at the Firm bring a wealth of experience to GableGotwals’ litigation practice, including two former Presidentially appointed and Senate-confirmed U.S. Attorneys, Robert G. McCampbell and Trent Shores, as well as former federal prosecutor and tax attorney John D. Russell, former federal prosecutor Andrew J. (“A.J.”) Hofland, and former assistant attorney general and civil right enforcement chief Chris Thrutchley.

This unique government experience provides invaluable insights to investigating, litigating, settling, as well as the key strategic considerations during each of these stages.

We counsel clients at every stage of a proceeding, from the critical investigation period — when the qui tam case is under seal — to trial and appeal. Our attorneys not only have experience with government issues, but they also have industry knowledge of healthcare law in addition to government contracts regulatory law. This combination allows us to effectively handle the unique aspects of FCA matters and to craft legal strategies to mitigate potential FCA liability.

Industry Leaders
GableGotwals’ healthcare attorneys offer comprehensive counsel in FCA actions, leveraging their deep knowledge of healthcare laws and regulations to address FCA issues. With expertise in resolving complex healthcare fraud investigations, we defend clients in the healthcare industry in high-stakes cases, drawing on our extensive understanding of the industry’s diverse business models and operations.

Our team of attorneys leverage their experience and background in government to advise on contracts laws and regulations and to craft strategies to resolve FCA procurement matters favorably.

Primary Firm Contacts for this area of law:

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