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Tulsa World – COVID – 19 Could Prove to be Legal Tightrope for Employers, Lawyers Warn 

The Journal Record – Gavel to Gavel: Telehealth Reforms Lead to Innovation by Jeff Roderick and Robert Glass

The Journal Record – Carrie McNeer Joins GableGotwals

The Journal Record – Gavel to Gavel: Increased infection control scrutiny by Philip Hixon

The Journal Record – Gavel to Gavel: This is your lucky day by Tom Vincent 


The Oklahoman – Q&A with Scott Kiplinger: Oklahoma laws allow employers to fire workers under the influence of medical marijuana at work

The Journal Record – Gavel to Gavel: Test-the-waters now available to all issuers

Law360 – Oklahoma Marijuana Ruling Underscores Broad Worker Projections

The Oklahoman – Opponents of Redistricting Petition File Legal Challenges

The Journal Record – Doing Your Due Diligence

Law360 – Oklahoma’s New Facility Audit Law Offers Limited Protection

The Oklahoman – Executive Q&A with Amy Stipe: Veteran litigation attorney serves as First female president of GableGotwals

The Journal Record – Gavel To Gavel: New Law Rewards Voluntary EHS Audits

The Journal Record – Honorary Commanders receive day of combat immersion

The Journal Record – Gavel to Gavel: Breaches and attorney-client privilege by Tom Vincent

The Oklahoman – Q&A with Amy Stipe: GableGotwals law firm celebrates 75th anniversary

The Oklahoman – Q&A with Andrew Polly: Medical marijuana act likely will see more tweaks next year

The Oklahoman – Q&A with Sam Clancy: Multi-state licensure to allow doctors to practice across borders

The Oklahoman – Oklahoma conservative group challenges Medicaid expansion petition

Law360 – Oklahoma Jury Sides with Operator in Royalty Deduction Dispute

The Oklahoman – Q&A with James Scears: Opportunity Zone Program Allows Investors to Possibly Reduce Taxes

The Oklahoman – Q&A with Jeff Haughey: SEC simplifies disclosure requirements for public companies

Journal Record – Gavle to Gavel: CMS Updates Immediate Jeopardy Guidance by Philip Hixon

The Oklahoman – Q&A with Tom Vincent II: Effective security practices include due diligence for vendors

Journal Record – Gavel to Gavel: Biometrics in the Workplace by David Limekiller

7 Ways Employers Can Prep For Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Law By Chris Thrutchley and Stephanie Duran

Journal Record – Employee pay history – avoid the temptation by Meagen Burrows

The Oklahoma Bar Journal – Managing Expectations in Criminal Tax Defense – Yours and Your Client’s by John D. Russell and Andrew J. Hofland

Tulsa World – Adam Doverspike of TYPros: ‘Tulsa still has room to improve … but the renaissance is amazing’

The Oklahoman – Q&A with David Limekiller: New trends reshape harassment prevention landscape, increase employer risks

Journal Record – Gavel to Gavel: Horizon for energy busy, bright by Steve Adams

Journal Record – Gavel to Gavel: OIG improves health care provider transparency by Philip Hixon and Andrew Polly


Oklahoma Magazine – GableGotwals named 2018 Great Companies to work for

The Oklahoman – Q&A with Jeff Haughey- Confidential agreements typically valid 2 to 5 years

The Oklahoman – Q&A with Sheppard Miers- Tax Cuts & Jobs Act brings important choices for businesses

The Oklahoman – Biometrics becoming valuable tool to employers by David Limekiller

Journal Record – Gavel to Gavel: Loans to health care providers not always easy by David Limekiller

CPA Focus – 2018 legislative changes to Oklahoma tax law by Mike Miers and Brent Watson

The Oklahoman – Plains All American, Magellan Midstream and OMERS Infrastructure Announce Joint Ownership of BridgeTex Pipeline Company, LLC

The Oklahoman – Q&A with Sheppard Miers- State, local taxes can be imposed on internet sellers

Journal Record – Gavel to Gavel: What physicians need to know by Andrew R. Polly

The Oklahoman – Q&A with Chris Thrutchley: SCOTUS makes employment arbitration agreements epic

Journal Record – Gavel to Gavel: The value of translation by Stephanie Duran

The Journal Record – Haughey, Hofland, White join GableGotwals

The Journal Record – Limited English proficiency webinar set

The Oklahoman – Oklahoma Supreme Court rules insurer is owed millions

The Oklahoman – Q&A with Philip Hixon: Direct primary care practices expected to rise

Journal Record – Some would eliminate state’s other high court

Journal Record – Gavel to Gavel: Limit set on non-solicitation provisions by Philip D. Hixon

The Oklahoman – Q&A with Paula Williams: #MeToo movement must start with organization’s leaders

Journal Record – Gavel to Gavel: Efforts to reduce prescription opioid abuse

GableGotwals Alum, Patrick Wyrick, nominated by President Trump as candidate for District Judge on the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma

The Oklahoman – Q&A with Paul Rossler: Companies make common intellectual property mistakes

Journal Record – Court hears gross production tax initiative challenges

Journal Record – Gavel to Gavel: Data security starts before hiring by Tom Vincent

Tulsa World – Legal Perspective: Legally Managing Mental Health Disabilities in the Workplace

Tulsa World – Legal Perspective: TC Heartland: Patent trolls lose Texas court venue advantage

The Oklahoman – Q&A with Samuel P. Clancy: Long-term care industry adds abuse through technology to definitions

The Oklahoman – Oklahoma Corporation Commission fee proposals get feedback from oil and gas industry representatives

The Oklahoman – Oklahoma Supreme Court hears ballot initiative complaints

Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association – OIPA challenges GPT petition

Tulsa World – Legal Perspective: Fighting harassment in the workplace by Chris Thrutchley

The Oklahoman – Q&A with Paula Williams: Pregnancy-related claims remain EEOC priority

Journal Record – Paul Rossler: 6 intellectual property mistakes

Local attorneys on new tax law: ‘Everyone is going to get a good deal out of this’

Tulsa World – Two years in Switzerland helped Tulsa attorney professionally

Tulsa World – Legal Perspective with James Scears of GableGotwals: Great tax break if you can get it

The Oklahoman – Q&A with Linda King: Oil & gas attorney adds biblical Ph.D. to her lifelong learning vault

Tulsa Lawyer – Professionalism as a moving target: The blurry line between “best” and “required” practices by Tom C. Vincent II