Client Alerts


Tax Client Alert – Oklahoma Tax Commission: 2020 Proposed Administrative Rules Changes

Tax Client Alert – SECURE Act Changes Enhance Retirement Plan Savings and Impact Estate Planning for 401(k) and IRA Distributions

Tax Client Alert – SECURE Act: Major Change Impacts Estate Planning for 401(k) and IRA Distributions


Insurance Client Alert: Insurance Business Transfer in Oklahoma

Securities Client Alert: “Test the Waters” Now Available to All Issuers

Tax Alert: Large Gifts Using TCJA Increased Exemption Will Not Harm Estates After 2025

Energy Client Alert: New Law Rewards Voluntary EHS Audits Starting November 1

Labor & Employment Alert: Employees Who Fail Drug Tests Are Not Always Intoxicated

Labor & Employment Alert: New Salary Threshold for FLSA Overtime Exemption

Labor & Employment Alert: Employees of the Marijuana Industry Are Protected by Federal Wage and Hour Law

Labor & Employment Alert: How Employers Can Leverage Health Reimbursement Accounts

Tax Client Alert: Pass-Through Entity 20% Qualified Business Income Deduction – IRS Gives Final Favorable Guidance for Rental Real Estate

Tax Client Alert: Qualified Opportunity Zones: Second Set of Proposed Treasury Regulations 

Labor & Employment Client Alert: Evolving Considerations for Employment Arbitration Agreements

Securities Client Alert: When Data Misuse Has Occurred, the Risk is No Longer “Hypothetical”

Labor & Employment Client Alert: Texas Cities are Messin’ with Paid Sick Leave: What Employers Need to Know and Do

Health Care Client Alert: CMS Allows “Transparent” Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements in Long-Term Care Facilities

Labor & Employment Client Alert: Legislature Grants District Courts Jurisdiction of Workers’ Comp Retaliation Claims Where the Alleged Retaliation Occurs After May 28, 2019

Labor & Employment Client Alert: NLRB Unanimously Declares that Mandatory Arbitration Agreement Violates the NLRA if it Restricts Access to the Board 

Tax Client Alert: State Taxation of Trusts – U.S. Supreme Court Favorable Decision

Securities Client Alert: Is It Time to Update Your Insider Trading Policy?

Labor & Employment Client Alert: Clarified Process for Worker’s Compensation Discrimination and Retaliation Claims

Regulatory Client Alert: 5 Key Takeaways Energy Companies Need to Know

Tax Client Alert: Oklahoma Changes Remote Seller Sales Tax Collection Threshold to $100,000 per Wayfair Case

Securities Client Alert: SEC Limits Shareholder Proposals on Climate Change – What Energy Companies Need to Know

Litigation Client Alert: Oklahoma Supreme Court Invalidates State’s Noneconomic Damages Cap

Tax Client Alert: Oklahoma Enacts SALT Deduction Limit Work-Around for Pass-through Entity Owners

Securities Client Alert: More Disclosure Reductions From The SEC

Tax Client Alert: Oklahoma Income Tax Conformity With The Qualified Business Income Deduction Under Internal Revenue Code Section 199a

Labor & Employment Client Alert: Medical Marijuana “Unity Bill” Takes Effect August 28, 2019: Steps Employers Should Consider Now

Labor & Employment Client Alert: Employers Control Designation of Leave as FMLA-Qualifying, Not Employees, Says U.S. DOL

Securities Client Alert: SEC Adopts Final Rules to Allow Exchange Act Reporting Companies to Use Regulation A

Labor & Employment Client Alert – Medical Marijuana “Unity Bill”

Labor & Employment Client Alert – DOL Proposes New Salary Level

Tax Client Alert: Oklahoma Tax Commission – 2019 Proposed Administrative Rules Changes

Labor & Employment Client Alert: Harassment Prevention Developments

Tax Client Alert: IRS Safe Harbor for Section 199A QBI Deduction on Real Estate

Estate Planning Client Alert: TCJA Doubled Federal Estate Tax Exemption

Securities Client Alert: SEC Adopts Final Rules for Disclosure of Hedging Policies

Securities Client Alert: SEC Filings During The Government Shutdown


Securities Client Alert: SEC Expands the Number of Companies That Qualify as Smaller Reporting Companies

Health Care Client Alert: OIG Revises Practices to Improve Transparency of Enforcement Actions Against Health Care Providers

Securities Client Alert: SEC Adopts Amendments to Simplify and Update Disclosure Requirements

Health Care Client Alert: Oklahoma’s opioid-prescribing laws will change 11/1/2018

Securities Client Alert: A Recap of CEO Pay Ratio Disclosures and a Look Forward

Tax Client Alert: Wayfair Decision and HB 1019XX Update

Health Care & Banking Law Client Alert: Loans to Health Care Providers Not Always Easy by David Limekiller

Securities Client Alert: SEC Amends Rule 701 to Make it Less Burdensome by Jeffrey T. Haughey and Andrew R. Polly

Employment Law Client Alert: Biometrics in the Workplace by David Limekiller

Tax Client Alert: IRS Issues Proposed §199A Regulations

Health Client Alert: Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Act: What Physicians Need to Know

Tax Client Alert: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Every Business Has Important Choices to Make

Tax Client Alert: Reminder to Complete Your Lease Accounting Transition and Your Tax Reform Analysis

Bankruptcy Client Alert: Bankruptcy ruling dischargeability of debts

Securities Client Alert: Cybersecurity Risk Oversight Obligations of Boards Under Recent SEC Guidance

Labor & Employment Law Client Alert: State Question 788 – Medical Marijuana: What Employers Need to Know

Tax Client Alert: U. S. Supreme Court Decides State and Local Sales Tax Can Be Imposed on Internet Sellers!

Labor & Employment Law Client Alert: Limited English Proficient Individuals: The Value of Translation

Labor & Employment Law Client Alert-SCOTUS Makes Employment Arbitration Agreements Epic

Tax Client Alert: 2018 Oklahoma Tax Legislation

Tax Client Alert: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Business Tax Reform Changes

Labor & Employment Law Client Alert: Work-Related Harassment

Tax Client Alert: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Executive Compensation

Tax Client Alert: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: New Pass-Through Entity Deduction – Overview Article

Tax Client Alert: Pass-Through Deduction under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – In-Depth Article

Estate Planning & Probate Client Alert: Significant Changes to Federal Estate, Gift, and Related Tax Laws


Client Alert: Federal Tax Reform; H. R. 1-Tax Cuts and Jobs Act


Client Alert: RETALIATION UPDATE – EEOC’S New Guidance and Key Employer Takeaways


Client Alert: Check the Charge Closely:  Checking a Box Is not Enough


Client Alert: Failing to Train All Employees Defeats Harassment Defense

Client Alert: New OSHA Regulation Impacts Drug & Alcohol Testing


Client Alert: The New “Defend Trade Secrets Act” of 2016 by Chris Thrutchley

Client Alert: U.S. Department of Labor’s New Overtime Rules Announced

Client Alert: Update Your Employee Termination Review Checklist: Oklahoma Supreme Court Significantly Expanded the Burk Public Policy Tort Claim


Client Alert: Reminders for Public Companies on Cybersecurity by Tom C. Vincent, II