Renee DeMossQ&A with Renee DeMoss –
Contributing to the Legal Community

As GableGotwals celebrates its 75th anniversary, we are taking this opportunity to highlight individuals who have contributed to the Firm’s success and who have served in their communities. We spoke with Renee DeMoss to get her perspective on not only what it is like being a lawyer at the Firm but also the importance of contributing to the legal community.

How has the legal industry evolved in the past 30 years since you joined the Firm?

From my point of view, two changes have had the greatest impact, with both positive and negative effects. The first, involves the monumental advances in technology – the excitement we felt when we got a fax machine on the 21st floor of our old offices seems extremely naïve now. Mobile laptops and digital law libraries have made working outside the office easy, but the trade-off is losing the simple joy of sitting around the Firm library doing research with fellow attorneys – and actually flipping through the pages of statutes and other legal books. The second, is the massive growth in law offices. When I joined Gable in 1984, we had 30 lawyers plus our wonderful staff housed in what is now the Bank of America Building (formerly Fourth National Bank Building; Bank IV; Boatman’s Bank; Nation’s Bank). Now we have nearly 100 lawyers plus staff in OKC, Tulsa, and various other locations. While it is more difficult to get to know your colleagues in the same way, new technology makes communication and a geographically diverse practice so much easier.

What role has GableGotwals adopted that is innovative or unique?

Gable has always recognized the value of incorporating new technology into the practice of law.

Gable attorneys have had a long history of serving the Tulsa and Oklahoma Bar Associations. What has been the most rewarding aspect of serving these organizations?

Working with Bar associations has given me the opportunity to meet and work with  lawyers and judges across the state and country that I otherwise would never have met. It is also rewarding to work in harmony on issues that benefit the entire legal community rather than meeting in an adversarial setting across the deposition table or courtroom.  GableGotwals has always been well known and respected for encouraging its attorneys to participate in community service projects and organizations of all kinds.

Not only have you been a successful attorney receiving multiple accolades, but you have also made significant contributions to improving the lives of children in Oklahoma. What is your advice on finding the right balance of client work and giving back to the community?

The right balance is different for everyone, and in large part based on an individual lawyer’s priorities, life circumstances, and opportunities. All of these things change at times during a lawyer’s working life. It is great to work at a firm that always has attorneys and staff ready to pitch in on both client matters and community projects when assistance is need to get a job done.