GableGotwals Lawyers to Speak to Professional Groups and Clients throughout the State

In November, several GableGotwals employment attorneys will host a half-day seminar regarding Emerging Rules, Evolving Technology and Effective Solutions.  All HR professionals and in-house counsel are invited to attend.  Presenting will be Diana T. Vermeire, Tom C. Vincent III, Leslie L. Lynch, Michael J. Lambert, Erin K. Dailey, Ellen A. Adams and Paula M. Williams.

“Social Media” will be the topic of Tom Vincent’s presentation to the Tulsa Area Human Resources Association during their annual Employment Law and Practices Seminar to be held in November.

Steve Heinen will be presenting on November 12 at the National Business Institutes (NBI) seminar “Handling the Sale of a Business”.  Steve will address NDAs, letters of intent and due diligence. Handling the Sale of a Business

Ronald N. Ricketts will be a presenter at the Oklahoma Bar Association CLE Arbitration Seminar to be held on December 7 at the Oklahoma Bar Center in OKC.

Tom C. Vincent II moderated a panel of GableGotwals attorneys during the Community Bankers of Oklahoma annual convention in September.  The session entitled From Capitol Hill to the Customer’s Experience focused key issues impacting bankers and their customers.  Members of the panel included Jeffrey D. Hassell, Diana T. Vermeire and Thomas J. Hutchison.

Brandon C. Bickle recently spoke in October to a group of 50 bankers during the 2015 Consumer Lending School conference sponsored by the Oklahoma Bankers Association.  His topic covered what bankers need to know when customer’s file bankruptcy.

Leslie L. Lynch presented on Open Statements to a group of 75 during an event sponsored by the Oklahoma Association of Defense Counsel.  Leslie has also presented two webinars on The Exempt vs. Non Exempt Dilemma: How the Rules are Changing.  She was joined by Michael J. Lambert, also of GableGotwals.