GableGotwals Attorneys Speak to Various Groups

Diana T. Vermeire
Diana Vermeire

Jeffrey D. Hassell
Jeffrey Hassell

 Tom C. Vincent II
Tom Vincent
 Leslie L. Lynch
Leslie Lynch
 Dean A. Couch
Dean Couch
 Graydon D. Luthey, Jr.
Dean Luthey
 Renee DeMoss
Renee Demoss
Sheppard ‘Mike’ Miers
 Dale E. Cottingham
Dale Cottingham
Tim Carney
 Erin K. Dailey
Erin Dailey

 Rossler 250x250
Paul Rossler

Five GableGotwals attorneys were the featured presenters at the Boiling Springs Institute hosted by the Woodward County Bar in October. Topics included:

  • Open Records and Open Meetings by Diana Vermeire
  • Banks and the Probate Estate Planning Lawyer by Jeffrey Hassell
  • Compliance by Tom Vincent and Diana Vermeire
  • Three Branches: Controlling Separation by Dean Couch
  • Bay Mills Update by Dean Luthey
  • Ethics by Renee Demoss

The Pittsburg County Bar requested presentations in September on Surface Damages by Dale Cottinham and in October on After Bay Mills – Indian Law Update by Dean Luthey. Mr. Luthey has also spoken on Gaming Law and Indian Law to multiple groups during September and October.

Six GableGotwals attorneys have presented in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City to in house attorneys and Human Resources executives regarding Employee Relations. The seminar entitled “What’s New, What’s Changes and What’s on the Horizon” has been very well received. Topics included:

  • FSLA: Misclassification and other Pitfalls by Diana Vermeire
  • Protecting Intellectual Property—How Hard it is? By Paul Rossler
  • Non-Competition Agreements and Protection of Trade Secrets in Oklahoma by Erin Dailey
  • 2011 Amendments to the OADA and the (New) OCRE: Big Changes for Small Employers and Everyone Else, Too by Leslie Lynch
  • What’s on the Horizon by Tim Carney

Sheppard “Mike” Miers, Jr., presented an update to the 2014 Oklahoma Tax Legislation at the Tulsa Tax Forum and had his article published in the Oklahoma Bar Associations September issue.