Past Legal Articles & Updates


PART II: Professionalism as a moving target: The blurry line between “best” and “required” practices by Tom C. Vincent II

Federal Income Tax Alert: BIG Changes in IRS Partnership Tax Audit Rules Coming in 2018

Waiver of Penalty and Interest Offered for Payment of Delinquent Taxes by Sheppard F. Miers, Jr. and James M. Scears

Securing your firm or business before (and if) an employee betrays you by Tom Vincent and Gavin W. Manes

Sheppard F. Miers, Jr. shares the 2017 Oklahoma Tax and Fee Legislation

Federal Tax Reform and the Oklahoma Income Tax by Sheppard F. Miers, Jr.

Oklahoma Tax Commission 2017 Proposed Rules Changes by Sheppard F. Miers, Jr.

Dealing with New IRS Qualification Requirements for Pension, Profit Sharing and 401(k) Plans by Sheppard F. Miers, Jr.

The Inter Vivos Branch of the Worthier Title Doctrine By Joseph W. Morris

Removing Barriers to Telehealth in Oklahoma: Increasing Access to Care and Improving Health Outcomes Across the State by Samuel P. Clancy

Estate Planning for Family Businesses by Sheppard F. Miers, Jr.

The IRS has published very important new guidance on assuring employer sponsored pension and profit sharing plans qualify for tax exemption

A Summary of some of the Oklahoma Tax Law Changes by Sheppard F. Miers, Jr.

Internet Sales to Oklahomans Will Now be Subject to New Sales Tax Requirements

U.S. Department of Labor’s New Overtime Rules Announced

Update Your Employee Termination Review Checklist: Oklahoma Supreme Court Significantly Expanded the Burk Public Policy Tort Claim

Importance of Considering the Internet and “Digital Assets” in Estate Planning by Sheppard F. Miers, Jr. and Sara E. Barry

Sheppard F. Miers, Jr., gives an update of Oklahoma Tax Commission 2016 Proposed Administrative Rules Changes

Win for Wind on Taxes: Federal Income Tax Wind Farm Production Credit Extended for 2015 through 2019 by Sheppard F. Miers, Jr. and James M. Scears

Sheppard F. Miers, Jr. Authors Oklahoma Chapter of The Property Tax Deskbook

Client Alert: Reminders for Public Companies on Cybersecurity by Tom C. Vincent, II

Tenth Circuit Addresses ERISA Limitations Provision in Class Action Decision by Renee DeMoss

Oklahoma Tax Commission Voluntary Compliance Initiative Tax Amnesty Program article by Sheppard F. Miers, Jr.

Sheppard F. Miers, Jr., Gives Update on Major Changes in IRS Qualified Retirement Plan Determination Letter Procedure Announced.

Sheppard F. Miers, Jr., gives an update of 2015 Oklahoma Tax Legislation.

Employer Found to Have Violated Consent Decree; Ordered to Pay EEOC’s Attorney Fees by Erin Dailey

Sheppard F. Miers, Jr., gives an update of the Oklahoma Tax Commission 2015 rules.

Tom Vincent discusses compliance services available to banks that belong to the Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma


Gavel to Gavel: Creative compliance editorial by Tom Vincent in The Journal Record

Are You Sure It’s ERISA? By Renee DeMoss

Recent Changes to the Oklahoma Uniform Jury Instructions—Civil (Second) by Ron Ricketts.

Are you covered when an Employee Breaks Bad?

IA Statement Income Tax Allocation Update.

Employers: You Can Manage the Affordable Care Act Without Cutting Employees’ Hours By David McKinney

Oklahoma Capital Gains Deduction Upheld by Oklahoma Supreme Court.

2014 Oklahoma Products Liability Reform Protects Sellers Significantly. Manufacturers Receive Less Relief.

Oklahoma Government Bodies May Not Consider Race, Sex, Ethnicity Or National Origin In Employment, Contracting, Or School Admissions. Article by Adam Doverspike.

Oklahoma Income Tax Reduction Ruled Unconstitutional by Sheppard “Mike” Miers, Jr.

Does Someone Else Own the Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights Under Your Home? By Stephen Schuller.

Recent Supreme Court Decisions Could Prove Favorable For Oklahoma Business Climate.

Tort Reform in Oklahoma? AGAIN?? by Attorney Jeff Curran.

The Fundamentals of Initial Public Offerings.

Ron Ricketts Discusses Judicial Review of Arbitration Awards

Top 10 Considerations for Oil and Gas Asset Transfers

Amending the Oklahoma model Tribal Gaming Compact

Taxpayer Appeal Rights Expanded in Oklahoma

Arbitration Clauses~Who Decides their Validity?

FTC Announces Revised 2013 Thresholds for HSR Notification

Federal Appeals Court Interprets Section 16(b)’s Short-Swing Profits Rule Not Applicable to Trades Between Different Types of Equity Securities