Legal Articles & Updates


Recent Changes to the Oklahoma Uniform Jury Instructions—Civil (Second) by Ron Ricketts.

Are you covered when an Employee Breaks Bad?

IA Statement Income Tax Allocation Update.

Oklahoma Capital Gains Deduction Upheld by Oklahoma Supreme Court.

2014 Oklahoma Products Liability Reform Protects Sellers Significantly. Manufacturers Receive Less Relief.

Oklahoma Government Bodies May Not Consider Race, Sex, Ethnicity Or National Origin In Employment, Contracting, Or School Admissions. Article by Adam Doverspike.

Oklahoma Income Tax Reduction Ruled Unconstitutional by Sheppard “Mike” Miers, Jr.


EEOC strikes out in Criminal Background and Credit Check Litigation.

Will the Supreme Court Change the Law on Limitations?

Does Someone Else Own the Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights Under Your Home? By Stephen Schuller.

The Social Media Merry Go Round by Timothy Carney.

Recent Supreme Court Decisions Could Prove Favorable For Oklahoma Business Climate.

Tort Reform in Oklahoma? AGAIN?? by Attorney Jeff Curran.

The Fundamentals of Initial Public Offerings.

Ron Ricketts Discusses Judicial Review of Arbitration Awards

Top 10 Considerations for Oil and Gas Asset Transfers

Oklahoma Supreme Court Strikes Down Tort Reform

PPACA/HIPAA Wellness Programs and Rewards Final Regulations Issued

Amending the Oklahoma model Tribal Gaming Compact

Taxpayer Appeal Rights Expanded in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Banks: Your Loan Officer May Not Be Exempt Under the FLSA.

Arbitration Clauses~Who Decides their Validity?

Non-Compete Agreements Must Be Narrowly Drafted.

Cost to reinstate discrimination plaintiff can establish amount in controversy for removal based on diversity.

Tenth Circuit Upholds Termination of Employee Following FMLA Leave.

FTC Announces Revised 2013 Thresholds for HSR Notification

Federal Appeals Court Interprets Section 16(b)’s Short-Swing Profits Rule Not Applicable to Trades Between Different Types of Equity Securities

Oklahoma Supreme Court Addresses Misrepresentation Statute.


W-2 and FSA Changes Under Health Care Reform Act.

Negotiating Settlements Effectively Ethically.

Liar, Liar … Using Polygraph Tests on Employees.

2012 Oklahoma Tax Legislation.

The Oklahoma Self-Defense Act Does Not Prevent Businesses from Having “No Gun” Policies.

Limited Rights Firm Service Agreements Approved by FERC.

Tenth Circuit Affirms Denial of Deaf Employee’s ADA Claims.

Oklahoma’s Wicked Weather and Insurance.

AM Best - Attorney Renee DeMoss Dissects Oklahoma Westher Catastrophes and its impact on the insurance industry.

Music Business Basics.

Fifth Circuit Allows Unsupervised Release of FLSA Claims Executed by Union on Behalf of Employess.

Oklahoma Federal Judge Rejects Insurance Bad Faith Expert Evidence.

Joint and Several Liability under CERCLA.

Denying Reservation Charge Credits for Certain Non-Force Majeure Events.

Is Prometheus Bound and Confused? What is known about whether a new process or method is eligible for patent protection.

Twenty-first Century Patent Charlatans.

Professionalism Perspectives: Ethical Witness Preparation – So When Does Preparing Become Coaching?

Supports Insurers Right to Deny Claim Based on Operating Vehicle While Intoxicated.

HIPAA Privacy Enforcement on the Rise.

EEOC Issues New Guidance on Employer Use of Criminal Records.

GableGotwals Lawyers Published in Oklahoma Bar Association Journal Regarding Serving on Non-Profit Boards.

New JOBS Act makes a number of changes to federal securities laws and regulations.

Do You Ask Employees For Their Facebook Passwords? Congress May Put An End To This Practice.

Protecting Your Company’s Assets with the Stroke of a Pen.

Oklahoma Revised Arbitration Act

A Modern-Day SOPA Opera: SOPA, OPEN, PIPA Oh My!

Oklahoma Supreme Court holds that court, not arbitrator, is to decide validity of covenant not to compete, and also strikes down overly broad covenant not to compete.

Class action waiver in an employment agreement constitutes unfair labor practices, NLRB finds.

Debunking the Grassy Knoll Theory of Business Method Patents

Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform: Do you know who your broker is?

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 Update

Down(loaded) and Dyslexic? The Difference Between "No" and "On"

The Old Bad is No Longer the New Bad: Inequitable Conduct Gets an Extreme Makeover

Mr. Haughey Got Caught With His Hand in the "Copy" Jar

Download slides and audio presentation from the GableGotwals' webinar -- Corporate Immigration Compliance - Is Your Company At Risk?

Oklahoma Legislature Provides Some Guidance in the Emerging Field of Wind Energy

The Application of Statutes of Limitations in Arbitration

Honest, Mom, I Read It for the Articles, Not the Pictures: Finding Your Way Through (and Maybe Around) a Patent

Little Lime(Wire) with Your Copy? In a Virtual Den of Copyright Thieves

It Ain't Over 'til It's Over . . . Maybe: Calculating Patent Term Limits

Sudden Unintended Acceleration: It Ain’t Rocket Science . . . or Is It?

"I give and bequeath all my DSUEA to my spouse": The New "Portability" Feature in Federal Estate Tax Law and Issues It Raises

GableGotwals launches employment law and insurance law blogs

Pay No Attention to the Man behind the Curtain: What Constitutes “Use” of a Patented System?

Download slides and audio presentation from the GableGotwals' webinar -- Beyond Compliance: How a Thorough HR Audit Can Avoid Legal Pitfalls and Save Your Company Money

Liar, Liar Patents on Fire

A General Contractor's Ability to Receive "Overhead and Profit" Payments From Amounts Paid on Claims for Structural Losses Covered by a Homeowner's Insurance Policy Under Oklahoma Law

Was your home previously a meth lab?

Patently Indecent Exposure: Preventing Invention Exhibitionism

New Oklahoma Law Requires an Additional Permit for Some Developers
— Oklahoma’s Aircraft Pilot and Passenger Protection Act

Process or Principle? A Look at What Makes a Method “Patent-Eligible”