Events, Webinars & Videos

Join GableGotwals Attorney’s Stephanie Duran and Chris Thrutchley at the 2019 Labor and Employment Law Update

The Tulsa Regional Chamber will host a Health Care Forum with GableGotwals to discuss medical marijuana and its effects on the workplace

Join Tom Vincent on September 26th for 2019 QualTech Conference

Webinar Video: Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Act and the New Unity Bill: Compliance Steps Employers Should Consider Now by Chris Thrutchley

Join Ellen Adams on April 24 at the Grow Your Business Summit as she presents “Getting into the Weeds”

HUB University Presentations – Medical Marijuana: Accommodating the Related Disabilities

COHRA lunch presentation on “Steps Employers Should Consider Taking Now to Comply with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Act.”

Entrepreneurial Diversity: Leveraging Existing Expertise for Inclusionary Results

Special Client Invitation – Upcoming Employment and HR Presentations

Conference: OKHR Annual Legislative Conference

Seminar: Energy Market Drivers and Current Legal Issues

Webinar Video: Getting Into the Weeds – Medical Marijuana and the Workplace

Webinar Video: Limited English Proficiency and Non-English-Speaking Individuals: The Value of Translation

Webinar Video: Tax Cuts and JOBS Act – Pass-Thru Entity 20% Deduction

Webinar Video: Harassment in the Workplace: How #YouToo Can Prevent and Correct #MeToo

Webinar Video: Retaliation Update – EEOC’S New Guidance and Key Employer Takeaways

Webinar Video: Intellectual Property 101: The basics every Business Owner and Manager needs to know

Webinar Video: Managing Mental Health Disabilities in the Workplace Webinar

Webinar Video: Pregnancy, Maternity, and Paternity: Some Sleepless Nights Can Be Avoided – Preventing Claims of Discrimination and Harassment Before They Start

Webinar Video: Cybersecurity and Other Key HR Policy and Training Essentials for 2017

Webinar Video: FLSA: Are You Ready for the New Salary Level Test?

Webinar Video: Data Security in the Trenches: How to equip Your Employees as the First Line of Defense (And Keep Them That Way)

Webinar Video: New Decisions and Pronouncements Affecting All Employers in Big Ways