GableGotwals Voted Best of the Best for Oklahoma Law Firms
in Oklahoma Magazine

The Best of the Best 2016

By Justin Martino and Mary Willa Allen on June 28, 2016

Law Firm

Whether big, small or medium-sized, the best law firms in Oklahoma always look after their clients’ interests. In Tulsa, Latham, Wagner, Steele & Lehman prides itself on listening to its clients and providing attentive service, and Jones Gotcher & Bogan has been following its mission of practicing law with integrity for more than 50 years. GableGotwals is an Oklahoma-based law firm with global connections, and Boesche McDermott has clients ranging from sole proprieters and small business owners to multinational conglomerates. Conner & Winters has established itself as one of the most qualified and successful firms in Tulsa, using its expertise in areas of law that include banking, litigation, estate planning and more.

In Oklahoma City, Echols and Associates is known for providing top representation in family law, while Doerner, Saunders, Daniel & Anderson has been practicing in a wide range of specialties since 1896. Foliart Huff Ottoway & Bottom has a 60-year history of preparing and trying civil cases. Oklahoma City readers also look to Tawwater Law Firm, which focuses on personal injury law, and Crowe & Dunlevy, which provides comprehensive legal services. (Read more.)